Maha’s Gourmet Donuts

Disclaimer: Donut(s)/Doughnut(s) have been used interchangeably and with zero shits given in this review.

I know I make lengthy and boring claims about not having a sweet tooth, preferring savory overdose to sugary suffocation, but enticing words like ‘gourmet’, ‘limited batch’ and ‘brioche’ make it hard to say no. Or to order four boxes of donuts over the course of two weeks. Maha’s Gourmet Donuts set the bar for fancy donuts.

I usually don’t talk about price in my posts, but when you’re getting a sweet deal, you’re getting a sweet deal. Priced at Rs. 1200 for a box of 6, there’s six alluring flavors: Plain glazed with Chantilly cream, lemon curd, cinnamon with Chantilly cream, Boston cream, strawberry cream, and chocolate ganache.

To my surprise, the donuts do not have holes in the center, and are renditions of supersize ‘munchkins’ from Dunkin’ Donuts. (On an unrelated note, Dunkin’ Donuts has turned greasy and plasticy over the years, and I will avoid it at all costs.) However I couldn’t care less about how the donuts looked, as long as they blew my mind. Spoiler: they did.


I was stubborn and closed-minded when it came to placing my first order, and ended up ordering three chocolate ganache and three cinnamon with Chantilly cream donuts. I thought they would last me for seven days- they lasted a bit more than seven hours. I wanted to write this blog post right then, but realized I needed more. I needed different. So I order another box of mixed donuts. Then two more.

The base for the donuts appears to be the same for all flavors. The brioche is airy and complex, and the hollow leaves room for ample filling.

The chocolate ganache from the first batch had wowed me. The brioche was not too sweet and adopted a croissant-like texture and butteryness. I found the chocolate filling to be subtle, rich and in perfect juxtaposition with the outer layer. The quantity of the ganache inside was meager for most people, though more than appropriate for someone like me. Dusted with some icing sugar, it provided a balance of flavors for people who don’t care too much for excess sugar. The second batch was more of a retake; the ganache doubled and the icing sugar did too, it seemed. This was something that I found unnecessary, but I understand that a vast majority of people would swap water for sugar syrup, so this was definitely more appropriate for the mainstream market.

The plain glazed I liked. I did not know what ‘Chantilly’ meant, so I had to google it before eating it, and then once more before writing this review. Chantilly is apparently a place in France where they make some dank ass cream infused with vanilla. In other words it’s sweetened whipped cream, which may or may not have a touch of vanilla. Straightforward and modest, the plain glazed was a winner for uncles and aunties who like to pretend they’re not into extravagant desserts. Fun and simple nonetheless.


Lemon curd was perhaps the most pleasantly surprising flavor of the lot. The lemon was slightly muted and sat well with the brioche. The curd bit, ohmygod, was SO good. I didn’t know whether I should offer it around so people would appreciate it with me, or lock myself in the bathroom and lick it clean so no one could so much as place a finger on it. I felt like the mom who makes apple pies and places them on the windowsill in cartoons- I want everyone to know it’s amazing but you can’t have any till I’m satisfied.


The strawberry cream was the least exciting for me, but I had to try it to do this review any justice. Heavy on the sugar and with what seemed like artificial flavoring, the glaze was disappointing and too jammy for my liking. Unfortunately, the glaze was the only aspect of this doughnut that was supposed to set it apart. I wouldn’t order this specific flavor again, simply not my cup of tea. I also ate this doughnut with a cup of tea.

I’ll be honest and say that while I was excited to review the Boston cream variant, I did not get a chance to try it. The thing is, I know several hungry monkeys that let themselves loose in my house at night, and rummage through my fridge to secretly steal MY FUCKING FOOD. I was told that it was quite a treat, with no elaborate details offered.


The cinnamon with Chantilly cream was my favorite, and would be my go-to order every time. Then again, I’m an absolute sucker for anything cinnamon. I won’t lie, I initially thought the cinnamon sugar frosting was chocolate, but it was the most fan-fucking-tastic surprise ever when the cream and the glaze sang love songs to my tongue. The cream too, was somehow fluffier, and this was the best use of brioche that I have seen in a dessert. Beautiful, amazing, delicious, etc., etc., etc.. Can’t rave about it enough.


Maha was courteous, helpful, and accommodating when I placed the order, and updated me periodically about the progress on my batch of donuts. She had technical problems for the first batch, so it was delayed by a few hours, but she was upfront about it and displayed congeniality in the face of difficulty, which made the wait all the more bearable- not to mention worth it. That being said, the donuts were boxed up impeccably and labeled appropriately, and I was thrilled with the end-product.

Maha, I’d like a regular order please.

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  1. I need contact details to place an order for myself. Help me out!

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