Shahryar’s Ice Cream

There’s a freezer full of goodies outside Nama Burger at H Block Market in Defence, Lahore. If you walk/jog/drive/fly past this freezer and don’t stop for a bite, you’re most certainly an idiot, because this ice cream is the bees knees, I can tell you this much. Holy moly, this is the stuff of legends. 

Shahryar’s ice cream reminds me of Faisalabad, where I spent great chunk of my childhood doing some pretty stupid shit. It reminds me of mango trees and fresh strawberries, of Choc Bars and Kulfi. It reminds me of a dunk in ice water buckets and squealing with excitement. And it’s exactly that.

I’ll give you the Spark Notes. Four flavors: Mango, Strawberry, Chocolate, Pistachio. It’s creamy- very creamy. Fresh as male models with slicked back hair. Cool- oh, so cool; it’ll beat the heat and then some. No artificial flavors. A two day shelf life. Light and heavy at the same time. A desi touch to a usually overcomplicated meal topper. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do a kick ass job of giving the people what they want. 

There’s no bullshit here. Straight up desi ice cream to complement a desi burger. Don’t look at me, the math just adds up. It doesn’t leave a lingering flavor on your tongue, it’s for the moment and for the moment only. Fortunately enough, since it’s finally made its way to Lahore, these moments will come more often for me (and I don’t even have a sweet tooth).

I’ve been waiting for this, Shahryar. 

Ps. I’d snag me some Mango and Strawberry before taking the other two home for a midnight snack. 

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