Aquafaba: Channay Ka Paani

Aquafaba is an alien in a world of humans. It’s almost a liquid, but not quite; this gelatinous and gummy concoction comes from is the water that soaks chickpeas. Doesn’t sound that appetizing? It’s making vegans around the world lose their shit. The Milk Sheikhs tell you what’s so special about this translucent byproduct of legume-soaking, and why it may be for you.

It’s theoretically the perfect substitute for an egg white, and has only been properly named and studied within the last year or so. There are a couple of reasons why you’d choose a substitute over the real thing; some can’t tolerate the protein in egg whites- allergic. Others are vegan, and refuse to eat egg whites, getting their protein from other ‘legitimate’ sources. Out of nowhere, we have soemthing that offers a vegan friendly atmosphere, along a utility for something (chickpea-water) that appeared out of thin air.

Aquafaba smells less pungent than egg whites, so it’s great for all of you with an aversion to the ‘eggy’ smell in your whiskey sour. In fact, aquafaba is a perfect substitution for egg whites, in terms of look, feel and taste. Even better, it eliminates the chances of you catching a foodborne illnesses. Anyone who wants to forgo eggs in their diet should be all ears by now. So what’s the catch?

It offers one-tenth of the protein content of an egg white. Shots fired; all you protein junkies milking your protein from egg whites, don’t even think about it. Also, I doubt you’ll be making an omelette out of it anytime soon. So in the most traditional sense, aquafaba will fail to replace eggs in your diet- compared to other substitutes in the market, however, we’ll give it a thumbs up.

There’s condiments like Fabanaise– a aquafaba based mayonnaise- in the market right now, and chefs are using it as their joie de vivre, incorporating it in more dishes day after day. There’s a healthy, animal friendly, fancily named product in the market, and my bet is that this is just the start. With the global ‘organic-health freak vibe’ seeping into the mainstream consumption, I see no speed breakers limiting the trajectory of such a product.

For all those who want to take a plunge in the muddy waters that are aquafaba, reduce it by about a quarter and add it to a drink or a meringue in the works. The ratio is 3 tablespoons of aquafaba to one whole egg, two tablespoons to an egg white. Use it in a dessert, whip it into a condiment, froth up your cappuccino with it. Then, share your experiments and your experiences with us. Do it.

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