Food Pho Everyone

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our curation of deliciousness from across the globe. We worship our food; we love getting into the nitty-gritties of what and where we like to eat. Always famished, we want to share our cravings with you.

The Milk Sheikhs has a unique perspective on food. Let me tell you why we aren’t your average food blog.

We’re hunters. Seeking the epitome of pizza, the fundamentals of sushi, the freshest salads and the spiciest nihari- we go everywhere. Our quest for the most delectable food begins and ends in Pakistan, and we intend to spill the beans on what your next meal will be. Reviews documents our journey through various restaurants based in cities that Pakistanis frequently travel to. So you always know what will match you pallette regardless of where you are in the world.

We’re gatherers. Finding the best Pad Thai in town is not enough. We want to replicate it. Even better, we want to perfect it. Why settle for the best when you can one-up it? Our Experiments is a section featuring tried and tested recipes from our kitchen to yours. We get our hands messy; if we fail, you don’t have to. Whether it’s adding ingredients or doing away with them, we use our judgments to amaze (and sometimes entertain) you.

We’re trendsetters. Always critical, always condescending, we believe in procuring and consuming only the finest ingredients from places we can’t even pronounce. Food Trends explains elusive edible phenomenon, from Wagyu beef to truffle oil to foie gras. We give you insights on the what’s what and who’s who of food. Looking for the next food fad? We’ve got all the bases covered.

We’re showers. Yes, we’re one of those people who can’t stop taking pictures when we’re at restaurants; if the restaurant is dim and intimate, we don’t care, we use our flash anyway. People who dine with us are dying to dig in, but we won’t let them until we have what we need. People hate our weird and irrational love of food.  My Never Ending Appetite is an in-house Instagram food blog that handpicks exquisitely presented, finger-licking, tongue smacking food to put your dinner to shame.

Welcome to The Milk Sheikhs. We know what you’ll crave before you crave it. Trust us- we’ll change the way you nom.

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